We have long been aware of the importance of body maintenance, and in our search for natural sources that can regulate physiological functions and effectively maintain the body, we discovered the effectiveness of Taiwan's unique species of Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma lucidum. However, the quality of products on the market varies, so we appointed several top academic mycology professors as research and development consultantsto create three own laboratories.The company uses unique extraction methods and advanced biotechnology to produce products with the highest camphor and Ganoderma triterpenoid content, extracting only truly effective health-care nutrients. In the end, the brand was established to share the most precious, authentic and emotional products with consumers.

Brand spirit

The brand spirit of LUCIST isHealth 」、「Natural」、「Science 」、「Professional」..Research & Knowledge is dedicated to raising consumers' awareness of knowledge-based healthcare and nutrition. Advantech is committed to raising consumer awareness of knowledge-based health and wellness, emphasizing the use of laboratory-based rational science to extract products with valuable health and wellness ingredients, and extracting healing energies from nature to provide consumers with the best solutions for different health and wellness needs.We insist on not producing low qualit products, not compromising on any quality, and only providing the best and natural energy for the body and skin, so that consumers can maintain the most healthy and beautiful state inside and outside.LUCIST Based on science and professionalism, we uphold the brand spirit of healthy, natural, scientific and professional to provide consumers with the highest quality products, so that you love yourself healthier and more beautiful.

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